Les Ados Sont Fous! – A Story of the Iggy Azalea Concert

So, as embarrassing as this is for me to admit, I was actually really looking forward to seeing Iggy perform live. Not that I’ve heard great reviews of her performances (frankly she doesn’t merit them), but I was attracted to the notion of seeing someone famous only a couple meters from me. What I wasn’t expecting was a brawl of sorts.

I’ve learned that at the festival, you can basically tell the genre of music that will dominate that evening based on the demographic that shows up. For example, there were a lot of metal heads, from this and past generations, at the Foo Fighters performance. At Ariane Moffatt (a famous Québécois singer that I saw perform tonight), there were plenty of lawn chairs and families present. And you can be sure that in attendance at the Iggy/Icona Pop concert there were many teens. And no offense to the few that are still respectful to other members of society (I consider myself old enough to judge you like a third party observer), but damn conflict really finds you. Imagine an evening mixed with resentment, shoving, swearing, and plenty of crowd surfing. At one point, I actually thought Iggy might tell the crowd to be more polite (she’s not a mediator).

Anyway, I don’t want to get too into the story, but let’s just say I shoved people that tried to push through to the front of the line, and told a guy that was crowd surfing to stick something somewhere uncomfortable. As for the performances themselves, Icona Pop really gave it their all. They were well coordinated without being extremely proficient singers. Iggy Azalea was the main attraction of course, too bad she didn’t take her commitment as seriously as her fans took theirs (many had arrived two hours before the gates opened). She was fifteen minutes late getting on stage. I felt terrible for the DJ that was thrown into the lions den (aka on stage) to distract us from the obvious fact that she was nowhere to be found. But he kept his composure, so I give him props for that. When she did come, she definitely delivered. I got what I expected, which were different songs, rapping I couldn’t follow, and the perception that she was slightly indifferent to be there, since she cut her performance quite short compared to the others that evening.

All in all, I can’t wait for the Rolling Stones tomorrow!

– I

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